when a boat is overpowered while pointing, the jib sail starts to pull the nose more into the wind. so to stay straight you have to steer leward a bit and it pulls against you- making a breaking action in the water. if you don't do this you will end up luffing and not driving forward. OR if you let out the job a bit it will luff, and some wind will be spilled but you won't have to hit the break (so to speak) with the rudder and you stay straight on course
the fastest thing is to adjust sails not curve through the course hitting the break with every turn. inevitably a combination must be used as the skipper works with the sails to ease in and out if gusts with a much smaller curve than required.
anyway, going side to wind, to hold a course you will have to fight it a bit as well and steer into the wind a but to hold course. your wheel is pulling at you. the boat wants to go downwind in gusts then