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RC Sailing Mode in MV Cup
I would absolutely love to have a remote control sailing game, and I feel like this could be a mode in MV Cup. Here are some of the reasons why I think this could be great: I love VR games that are a 1:1 representation of real life... for example, Eleven Table Tennis. But without g-forces we will never have true 1:1 sailing simulation. But we could almost perfectly recreate the experience of standing on a lake edge and sailing RC yachts; the Quest controllers are very close to the controllers used for RC sailing; there is no risk of motion sickness; races could be shorter, meaning easier to jump in for a couple of races for those who are time poor; potentially less intimidating for non-sailors. MV Cup has most of the ingredients already in place. We just need a fixed camera position outside of the boat, and some tweaks to the physics to recreate a much smaller boat. All the controls are already there. This RC mode could even be triggered by walking out of the clubhouse onto a jetty, and the race could take place right there. You could also add new locations, such as lakes from around the world. This could potentially be a stand-alone game, but I would rather see it as a mode within MV Cup so that people who by MV Cup for the sailing get to experience RC sailing, and people who buy it for the RC sailing get to experience sailing. I am not sure the markets are big enough for standalone games. But that's a business decision for the MV team. :) More inspiration:
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