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Separate training and daily race
So far, daily race are considered training races before the weekly multiplayer race, although there is a competitive side to it, with a point system and aggregate scoring and a leaderboard, so much so that people seem to be more enthousiast about this competition (that we can play everyday) than the multiplayer race, probably because we can play it depending on our availability. The idea would be to have an actual daily race, where everyone play equal, and a training session besides it. In the menu, we could choose a training, that would offer various course settings (maybe 3: short, medium and long one), and a leaderboard too for each. Rules would be: Unlimited attempt Weekly session (race settings would change every week) No point system Ghost option available (even the best; for example, choosing the number of ghost and whether we want random ghosts or the best ones) That way, people would have time to log in during the week and try their best to achieve the best result they can, and they would be able to review their skill and comparing to better ones with the ghost system. There wouldn’t be a competitive advantage for people who can sail right before 8am CET. The second section would be a daily Pro race with a more realistic competitive side, where every one starts equal. Which means: Only one try (and no restart after the end of countdown, even 10 sec before that I’d say). DNF if abandoned. No ghost Point system (to revisit, because nobody understands the current one), still with weekly, monthly and season leaderboard. But to account for the fact that people can’t sail every day, the point would take only the best of a certain number (eg 4 a week, 10 a month, 25 a season) Markolus has a 10sec penalty every day (just kidding) That way, no one gets an advantage by sailing at the latest possible. The third (or first actually) section would be the daily Beginner race (not Standard, which is confusing), also available with all 3 boats, but with a more approchable competitive system: Ghost option available 2 or 3 tries, restart available Point system (but separate from the Pro) Access to Training and access to Pro on request or on result (but then people who have access to Pro can’t sail on Beginner, since there is a training section now). And finally the Multiplayer section, where everyone can join anytime, and a race a 2 or 3 times a week. EDIT: Menu structure added as a picture
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