This Optimisation has been on my mind for some time. On the dinghy, optimal sail trim is crucial for fast sailing. Trimming with the stick is quite inaccurate and slow. With the arm and hand on the sheet it is much more precise. In real life, you can let the sheet slip through your hand so that the sail will furl more with the same hand position, or fetch it tighter with one hand and your teeth without having to clutter the sheet. This way you can do the sail trim with your hand without having to pull the sheet almost behind your ears. In MarineVerse this is not very realistic and above all very uncomfortable because you have to hold your arm in a strange position for a long time. If you also hold the centreboard up with the other hand, you sit there with both arms in the air.
I suggest the following function:
  • The sheet is gripped with the left trigger at the end (as before).
  • As long as the trigger remains pressed, you can let the sheet slip through your hand with the left stick. Both for sheeting out and in.
  • As soon as the stick is no longer operated, the sheet remains fixed at this length. Trimming can be done by hand again.
This almost works today, but not quite. You can haul the sheet in with the stick while holding the sheet with the trigger, but as soon as you let go of the stick, the sheet fetches up again to the point where it was before.