Hi, I removed my negative review from Steam and rather give the feedback here, trying to be bit more constructive.
The bar of what you can get for your money in VR-games has went hugely up.
If you compare other simulator based "learn a domain" VR games like Iron Wolf VR (£17), Euro Truck Simulator 2 (£15), or Wrench (£16), what you expect is >10 hours of varying game play, >100 very detailed 3D-models, etc. (After 10h, they are nice to play, but the gaming doesn't vary so much anymore.)
In Regatta VR (£23) the lobby is nice, however not affecting to the play. Other 3D-models are not so detailed (complexity and textures) that what they could be. The game play is very straight forward after 1h.
The problem with current VR is that it's not so convinient for the user, that it would be nice just to hang-out: the VR-sets are heating bit too much, etc. So the game itself has to be bit more interesting.
What could be added to Regatta VR to make the game more value-for-money:
Game events, and tasks, like:
  • A storm coming, what to do? Actual storm could cause nausea.
  • A problem with sheets or a sail
  • How to navigate and attach a boat to a crowded harbor and leave a harbor.
  • Realistic GPS, with maps of exiting places. How to use Lat&Lon with GPS?
  • Anchoring
  • Collision courses with ferries in tight places
  • How to maintain an old boat, common problems
Boat customisations
  • Liveries, skins
  • Worsen the basic boat a bit, and then buy or earn better parts to make the boat react and sail easier/faster
  • Maybe parts can wear off and has to be replaced
Some tutorial and appliance of basic reef knots
Sorry to bloat everything on one post. Feel free to copy, breakdown or modify.