This might be a more global request. There are several approaches in other VR apps to allow the user to fine tune body position. I’m particularly impressed with the setup in Museum of Other Realities (free to play on Steam). Holding down both B buttons (on Index controllers) while pointing in any direction moves in the direction the controllers are pointing, including up and down. Back in my sailing days, sitting in a small craft I could scoot 2 inches in any direction easily. Having to pull up the “up/down” setting menu to move up/down is inconvenient; moving laterally is a little easier, but having to point TO the location you want to go is a bit tough if you just want to scoot back a little. Being able to adjust a little bit in any direction without significantly distracting the user from other tasks would be a big plus.
Minor note: In Museum of Other Realities, holding down one B button also moves you in the direction of that controller, but at a slower jog. That UI pretty much requires that the B button is dedicated to position adjustment.
Another note: Maybe there’s already a way to do this; I’ve only been working in the MarineVerse bundle a week.