Copied from my posts on the Discord channel:
Idea: I think some of the camera angles are not very useful - I would like to have one that's set back behind the boat, about ten feet back and ten feet up or so? (similar to how some racing games show the car in front of the user)
Idea: maybe some time challenges like slaloming between the windmills, or circumnavigating islands?
Idea: maybe add some sea life like dolphins
Idea: A bigger boat (perhaps as paid dlc if necessary) like a 25-30' cruiser would be nice (or like a J/70 or 80)
Idea: occasional squalls that kick up the wind speed, and make the skies gray and foreboding? (over the whole map, not just localized hotspots like in the race)
Idea: adding the ability to come in to dock/undock the boat
As for Windy Islands, (thanks for the code), It's a really nice map. Maybe needs a few smaller islands scattered around? Love the windmills.
Idea: ability for user to customize the boat (and keep settings between sessions), like hull color sail color/number, etc. (I like the fact you can change country)