I post this on Pancake Sailor, but it’s valid for MVC and BBB too.
I noticed that the side the sail is only depends on the wind direction in regard of the center line of the boat. So if I’m sailing downwind with the wind at a slight angle toward the right, the sail will be on the right. If I turn to the right, and the wind angle crosses the center line, the sail goes immediately to the left. But this is wrong. The sail should stay on the same side until I turn enough for the wind to push the sail to the other side, or that I pull on the sail so it takes the wind from its other side and switch.
Bottom line, the side switch shouldn’t depend on the center line of the boat, but on the vertical "plane" of the sail to be more realistic.
Plus, it could have strategic implications in races, but I don’t have enough sailing experience to tell in what way.