This is copied almost verbatim from my posting: "why the game should feature, i.e. be centralized around a race board".
Two main points re: a listing of races. It should be orderable and it should be filterable. You don't push buttons for select separate lists you modify what is essentially the query. Also the list shouldn't just be used for "racing right now".
Think of it like a calendar app. All races are listed regardless of craft and (by default) listed in time order.
If you are only interested in yacht races you can filter out one or more of the other types. You could filter by location or race size, etc.
If you were a guest you could filter for just guest races. You could filter by race time filtering for just the next hour, next 24 hours and remember that you can order it by boat type or race size, etc. as well.
This way everyone sees all the races. While they may not be able to race in say the Waszp race without being a member they could see that there is such a race and that they aren't eligible (yet) to race in it.
People wishing to start a race would check the race board, there might be a race coming up they could join rather than starting a new one. The scheduled races would be there as well so there isn't a special place to go to see scheduled races or another place to go to sign up. While looking for a race now someone sees there is a scheduled race in an hour and can sign up. Immediately anyone else looking at the board will know how many people are signed up for a race if they are thinking of joining.
You get the details on any race on the board by clicking on the race. If you are the member who created the race you have edit options including cancelling the race.
The UI gives us the possibly to "extend" the usage of the race board as well. Scrolling backwards would show old races and filtering by races I was in would let me click on one and show me the results.
Again this removes the need for separate buttons and separate places to go to do things. If you see a member has signed up for a race (or was in a previous race) you could click on their name and see if they were logged in at the moment. You could read whatever public information they made available. If they have "chat" enabled you could send them a message they would receive when they next log on.
It is a social app built around sailing as a shared hobby. The more social it is the better.